Three top brand comparison

Watch for the wearer, not only a timing tool, it is a successful representative, it is a soul into the art of art. Each watchmaker worked hard to design every detail of the watch, making it unique design and style to attract everyone's attention. Everyone has their own values, aesthetic point of view, so the evaluation of the watch is difficult to reach a consensus, but even so, there are many watches have been generally recognized, these watchs are the real top watch brands, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Lange, Earl, Breguet and so on. Here we introduce three personal favorite three watches, they are Lange LANGE 1 TIME ZONE series 116.025, Vacheron Constantin four-sea series 47450 / 000R-9404, Piaget Piaget Emperador pillow series G0A32017. Lange LANGE 1 TIME ZONE series 116.025 is the latest hot watch, Lange is also one of several years of masterpiece. The appearance of simple and simple and natural to reveal the noble atmosphere, eccentric layout with a rich German style, large date display window in the conspicuous position on the replica rolex watches dial, highlighting the watch wearer's mature atmosphere. Powerful world when the function, often out for friends outside the meticulous help, comprehensive luminous function for our daily life provides a lot of convenience. As it is equipped with excellent movement, it is the guarantee of this watch superior performance. This watch Lange advocated by the watch art and the perfect appearance of the most incisive, is Langer in the rivers and lakes after twenty years after another blockbuster classic. And because of Lange's pursuit of high-quality watch, making its annual output is only about five thousand, so that each of its watchs have a high collection value, let alone like 116.025 fine boutique. Reference price of 516000 yuan, although the price is high, will make a lot of people discouraged, but it is undeniable that this watch behind the implied value has been far more than the price. This section of the four-sea series 47450 / 000R-9404, using the 18k5N rose gold material case, with silver-gray dial and black Mississippi crocodile leather strap, highlighting a sense of steady elegance; more worth mentioning is, Its function is relatively strong, with the date indicator plate, the rolex replica uk second time zone indicator plate, day and night display function; power reserve display design is different, like a crescent in general; in addition, also built soft iron Shell, so that its anti-magnetic function up to 25,000 A / m. Overall, Vacheron Constantin four-sea series 47450 / 000R-9404 watch stylish and dynamic, functional and practical, swatch and high-quality movement, is a good sports style exquisite luxury watch. Earl G0A32017 is a very classic high-end watch, it has this watch the field of the most creative shape, it has a precious rose gold material, it has a practical and durable features, it also has a very excellent The performance of the movement, which is to make it over many other high-end watch on the favorable factors. In addition to its own function, it also has a taste on the watch wearer's ascension, highlight the identity of the owner's noble and many other can not see the value. And as a high-end Piaget brand of precious metal watch, it also has a certain collection value, its value may grow over time. At present, its market reference price of 25,948 yuan, although the price is not cheap, but you harvest is the real material and the spread of many years of superb art of crystallization. Product / Data Wear Style Watch Type Material Price Lange LANGE 1 TIME ZONE watch series 116.025 platinum swiss replica watches is installed manual mechanical platinum 516000 Vacheron Constantin Four Seas Series 47450 / 000R-9404 Watch Movement Automatic Machinery Rose Gold 393000 Piaget Emperador Pistol-shaped Calendar Series G0A32017 watch is fitted with automatic mechanical rose gold 259480 Lange 116.025 price of about 50 million, this watch uses 950 platinum as a shell material, showing a strong aristocratic temperament. The overall design style noble and elegant, highlight the men's gentleman style. As Lange each produced only 5000 watches, so its collection value can not be ignored. It is currently the most popular watch Lange watch. Vacheron Constantin four-sea series 47450 / 000R-9404 price between about 30-40 million, this series of rudder shape symbolizes the theme of the vertical and horizontal, rose gold material makes the watch even more luxurious, the design of the dial repeatedly sun and the moon Tonghui the general cross-echo, full of elegance and vitality, as a work of art in general, is a symbol of taste and temperament, is the status and wealth of the show. Earl G0A32017 price of about 25 million or so. Based on Piaget Emperador pillow series watch design style, the overall low-key color is more elegant, giving a unique charm, different from the conventional shape more exudes an artistic atmosphere, the movement at the same time as if the air coagulation half Of the artistic sense, so that the wearer show a distinctive and elegant atmosphere.